Friday, November 16, 2012

Strings, French Horns, Trombones, Bassoons and bleeps….

Orchestral Project in Reaper
We use Garritan Personnel Orchestra (GPO).  Amazing value orchestral sound module. We have used it for studying orchestration, and also a bit of spice in what we more often do.  The above is a short piece that we were making for a soundtrack..... not something to be center stage.  No guitars and the only drums are Timpani.

Roland PC-180
Use a 4 octave Roland PC-180 midi keyboard with a MIDI to USB interface to play the parts.  The expression slider is vital in getting life out of GPO sounds.

It is also the soundtrack for our most unpopular video clip of all time!

It doesn't even attract the curious as to what it might be.  It is a short slow 3D modelled and rendered Starship fly by at the Horsehead Nebular.  I think it is rather beautiful, and I am currently using a version of this at the top of our Facebook page.

I did the modelling many years ago and recently rendered a short sequence for this clip. I call the ship a Gas Harvester, and it is very Chris Foss inspired. This was done in Animation Master.

Other bits and pieces at our main site: Art & Technology.

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