Saturday, November 10, 2012

Custom Motor Sport Car Cartoons and Caricatures

Martini Porsche 917LH car cartoon
We have done various types of motor sport caricatures and cartoons.  This page shows a few 1970s prototype sports and Can-Am cars.

And yes, the fan did come off a Martini Porcshe and fly away.......

Gulf Porsche 917LH car cartoon

The Gulf Oil sponsored Porsche 917s dominated LeMans with the long and short tail versions.... and then they were banned.

Gulf Porsche 917K car cartoon

The machines resurfaced in the CAN-AM series, and soon dominated there, before getting banned...

Shadow DN2 Can-Am car cartoon

UOP Shadow, even with a new designer,  with the DN2 here, took a while to win....
Porsche 917/10 Turbopanzer Can-Am car cartoon

Denny Hulme, being THE McLaren driver at the time.
McLaren M20 and Denny Can-Am car cartoon
Just got too expensive for anyone else, McLaren in particular, to compete, so they banned them.  They series then lost excitement and sponsors, so it didn't end well.

Porsche 917/10 Pink Pig car cartoon
And they had a sense of humour back then too. Pork cuts!

But we do all types, like this old school Nitro rail.....

Old School Front Engined Fuel Dragster car cartoon

And all these images are on Art & Technology, but putting them here seems to make it easier for Google to Index!!

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