Monday, December 9, 2019

Studio Open again for Cars Cartooned, Logos Designed and Illustrations undertaken.

We are open for business again, and as far as the customer is concerned, nothing has changed. Even though we have moved from Sydney Australia to Kyoto Japan.

We have the same Website, Email, Bank and PayPal accounts. We still communicate the same way, mostly be Email.

The only real change is our mobile number is not valid, but we have removed that from the website contact info anyway. I do have a land line phone but don't put that on the website any more.

I will need a new SIM card and that will result in a new mobile number, but really, Facebook Messenger, Line and Skype all work as well and that is all still running the same.

We can be contacted at ArtAndTechnology.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Moved to Japan Again...

This Webcomic linked here talks about lots of things including living in Australia and Japan

Well it now needs updating with the December 2019 event of moving from Sydney Australia to Kyoto Japan. This is the 3rd time to pick up and move country.

It is an interesting thing to do, especially as this time we took our cat too!  This requires much more effort than taking babies or small children. 

Still have a month and a half before the last of our things arrive, but most was delivered a month ago. Our new "studio" is mostly up and running. My light table is in the stuff to get here later, but that isn't a show stopper in any way.

Having already lived in Japan for 15 years previously it a different feeling to move back after a long time away.

More like being back with an old friend...

We can be contacted at Art & Technology

Not changing any hosting or email anytime soon, so that all still gives the impression I am in Australia. At the time the was a better choice than a .com in our DNS.