Saturday, March 19, 2011

Movie Poster Advertisement

Movie Poster for a product that isn't a movie...Megacurve by Megacurve Productions.

Gift Stores

We have been attending the Reed Gift Fairs in Sydney for a few years and find it amazing that these exhibits are way larger than just about any other industry here. Way larger than Cebit or anything electronics related.

We have a Cafepress Gift Store and you might find something interesting there.

Car Caricatures, Logos and Cartoons

We have been doing this type of commercial illustration for over 20 years. Been on the Internet since 1995 and it is recently a shame that the Car Caricatures, Logos and Cartoons page isn't coming up in google searches like it was. It is great that we have some customers that keep coming back because they like what we do, and they don't need to find us!