Saturday, September 2, 2017

Remix - Cara Delevingne

I picked up the REMIX issue of Computer Music, not a magazine I normally buy, and have been inspired to play around with some of the REMIX techniques it contains.  It mentions classic remixes and I confess I have never heard of any of them. I have moved in a completely different music world.

I have taken the track from Cara Delevingne - I Feel Everything. And taken a few samples from it

for a private experiment.

The original is a slow 84BPM in 7/8 time. Well that is what I've worked out and based my stuff on.

I use Reaper and that has a feature to speed an audio clip up while maintaining the original pitch.  So in my 35second test above, it starts at 84BPM, then changes to 130BPM where I've added Simmons SDS5 drums and a few other remix things.

There are people that work this way with samples as their normal production process.  Interesting, but picking up a guitar and keyboard seems more musical to me, but currently that isn't resulting in anything new, hence learning these new techniques to apply.  I rarely do anything with vocals , and that is a nice change too.

We have a collection of Megacurve tracks on Soundcloud if your interested.

And I just love Valerian.....  and "ValĂ©rian and Laureline" comic even more.