Sunday, May 2, 2021

Youtubers...Are Friends Electric? Rick Beato and Ola Englund

Been very much enjoying Rick Beato and Ola Englund YouTube channels. They have been at it for years now and have a lot of content.

I came across Ricks work because of his WHAT MAKES THIS SONG GREAT? series. I think YouTube just recommended it to me and I had never heard of him before then.  His analysis of how the songs have been put together and key parts is fascinating.  His enthusiasm is infectious. 

The Record Business has always been some kind of broken. Seeing a few of Ricks videos get taken down by a stupid record label, and his reasoned approach to the problem, and getting the videos back shows how completely unthinking most in the business are. How pop music has been reduced to the same progression with auto tune, just continues the SameThink in the record business. Rick is truly a breath of talented and considered fresh air.

I came across Ola looking at current metal distortion pedals and he show cased some with is CAN IT CHUG? series.  It is his other stuff that I found more interesting.  He also has a tour of BOSS Japan and the Hamamatsu R&D Centre (where I worked for 12 years  up until about 20 years ago!). I used to give the tour of the  R&D Centre Anechoic Chamber to specific types of visitors. 

Ola should  make clearer what is "paid promotion" in his videos. What gear he has been given in the reviewing process, and not loaned or he bought himself. This is normal in the Media world. 

Ola has so many different types of things on his channel. Riff Challenges, equipment promotion / reviews and how he has made his latest solo record and started his SOLAR guitar brand. Live streams of playing and practice. Even eating stuff. 

They are both way better guitarists than I am! 

And like the cartoon says, when you watch enough of their content your start to feel they are a friendly face.  They aren't your friends though. Something Social Media is distorting in relationships maybe, more than TV and movies ever did. 

Anyway, 2 channels I recommend. Two guys I respect, but they aren't my friends 😀

I have bought Ola Englund's Starzinger Guitar CD pack too. Awesome.

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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Recorded Music On Loudspeakers - Mono -> Stereo -> Mono , A Comic

A short 4 page comic on Music On Loudspeakers. Easiest to read by clicking an image, then use Bloggers image selector at bottom of screen.

Specifically Stereo isn't something most people hear over loudspeakers anymore.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Hi Fi Memories - How I started with HiFi, a Comic

 How I started with HiFi. A Comic that is actually sketching illustrations and narration. 

Looking at High End HiFi is a bit like looking at Supercars  Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc. Fun without actually spending your money on it.

Things have changed a lot since the late 1970s. The Sony Walkman started the trend, and Home Cinema completed it. People now more likely to be listening to music on their phone with earbuds. 

My own Home Project Studio is what my interest in HiFi lead too. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Don Nichols, Trevor Harris and the CAN-AM AVS Shadow - A Comic

 A 24 page comic on amazing CAN-AM Cars and Team from 1969. One of the several manga like webcomics I've done in the last few years. The later ones using a lot of Narrative Captions.

I changed the style after the first 7 pages. Early the cars are caricatured, but after than I went for a more realistic but INITIAL-D manga action hand drawn look to them. I still keep our main characters cartoony.

It is all based on facts, but I didn't check all the facts as I was doing it.  Doesn't stop it from being an amazing story.

Chapter 2

I change style a bit here, going for a Manga, Initial -D action look to the cars, and not as cartoony. Pen on ink cars and backgrounds. Even if the speaking characters are still vector cartoony. I  like this style for various reasons. 

And it continues. We have the whole web comic on out site THE SHDOW Don Nichols

Monday, November 16, 2020

Miyazaki Hayao Inspired Watercolor Sketching - Don Nichols CAN-AM and F1 UOP SHADOW Race Team


Hayao Miyazaki published boat, plane , tank and other machine watercolor  works in Model Graphix over the years. 

They have been collected into books, such as these:

They are rough pencil sketches with hand written text that has been watercolor colored. They generally describe the development, the structure or some historic detail of the machines and use. They are cartooned and surrounded with cartoon characters and comics.  

They are quite rough in finish. They aren't polished illustrations or comics. I very much like that look and have done something similar with dry markers in the past.

Miyazaki has gone into the details of how he does his illustrations and storyboards. Holbein watercolors, a 2B pencil, a brush and the way he sets out his palette and approach to colors.

Recently I bought some new pens and watercolors and thought I would try something similar again. I have seen may people copy Miyazaki's style, or do Ghibli Studio like Japanese scenes. That isn't what I want to do though. I much appreciate the rough pencil lines and rough watercolor work as it is interesting and looks like it doesn't take much time to do.

Most of the commissions I do are for precise computer based vector illustrations. Making something "sloppy or rough" is actually quite hard to do and takes even longer. 

So as a break from that work I have done a little page here on Don Nichols and some of the Cars he produced for the 1970s CAN-AM and Formula 1 for his UOP  SHADOW race Team. He was involved with some real innovation, even if his team didn't win at first.  

He was also fluent in Japanese and was involved in spy stuff in US-Japan for years before he became a businessman, importing tires into Japan.

It was done on WATSON F4 300g/m sqr watercolor paper. Used Zebra Sign Brush pen and COPIC MULTILINERS. These are pretty rough caricatures of the cars and Don himself. This is the version with the hand written text on the illustration, the way Miyazaki does it. 
I didn't use 2B pencil as I tend to smudge that and I prefer the darker lines ink gives you. 

It has the roughness of the Miyazaki stuff, but it doesn't look like his work at all. It looks like mine, even if I was inspired by him.

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