Saturday, February 6, 2016

When to "Pivot" (or give up!)

"Pivot" is the term used in the world of the "Start-up" when you decide what you have been focusing on isn't working, and you need to change to something else, or change focus.  

A good example from Steve Blank would be your developing this great THING1 and to check if it is actually as great as you think it is, you go to the people you think will buy it, and ask  1 or 2 of them, “If we gave you THING1, would you use it?”   If they answer NO, because they have too much invested in what ever they are currently using, you are probably wasting your time doing THING1 at all. 

But what if it is more personal than that?

You do something, pretty well, and people get you to do it for them, for money, but it doesn't pay enough to be a full-time job, or you don’t have enough customers and it starts to interfere with you actually making a real living?

These more personal things are what can face your typical writer, musician, actor, dancer or artist.  They are doing this thing because they enjoy it, and they are trying to make it a full time gig, possibly as they don’t have any other practical option.  They can also do it just part time, but what if they have to make a decision to continue on a dream or be more practical?

How long then?  “Before the money runs out”, may be one answer, but for others it may be more along the lines of “Well it is fun, but it doesn't pay enough to be worth while with our current other commitments and available energy, I need to give up and just keep it a hobby”.

I know of a Band that produced several albums, toured, but decided they couldn't give up their day jobs......  and it took a year or two to work that out.

Don’t think there are any hard and fast answers, but suggest, “Taking a break”, can help in deciding how to move forward…especially if the special thing isn't what your relying on to support you.....  it is all good experience forming the “rich tapestry of your life”