Sunday, February 19, 2017

The REMIX. They Can Be Cool - "Can't you trip like I do?"

I first heard FILTER- "Can't you trip like I do" on the SPAWN Soundtrack Album.

All the tracks on the album were remixes, but this Filter thing didn't strike me that way. It wasn't something a DJ made.......  so I never thought of it as a remix.  At the time, I thought it was one of the heaviest things I had heard. Way more aggressive than the Deep Purple I was used too.

I still love the track. I read in some magazine a long time ago they used a 12bit Akai Sampler for the drums and had a bunch of guitars and Amps. Something about being an ex- Marilyn Manson Guitarist too, but I may not remember that correctly. I just love that guitar sound and playing.

It wasn't till only very recently I heard the crystal method original:

It was then it made sense that the track I loved actually was a remix.  But not the more typical DJ taking a metal bands  riff, and adding in beats and making it sound like hip hop or a dance track.  Jay Z's "99 Problems" and the other tracks on that SPAWN Soundtrack Album are more like that.

This Filter thing is very much the opposite. Taking the sequenced, dirty synth line, and adding rock drums, guitars and new lyrics to it.

This is something I want to try with my next creation.  To try and break out of the musical rut I've been in.   Been thinking of my versions of "Can't you trip like I do?", and "Cars".   Sampling others records was a huge legal minefield for a really long time, and probably the biggest step in the increased popularity of Sampling as a Production Technique. Means what I make will not be shared, but it may lead to something else I can.  

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Friday, February 17, 2017


A friend passed away from Cancer last week.

This wasn't unexpected, but a shame. A real shame.

I was talking with him on Facebook over the New Year break and he apologized for talking a while to reply sometimes. The treatment really knocked him about.

His prints are still left in various place, such as on YouTube and a Blog as if he was still around.. So in Memory Of Greg, here is one of his creations, made in his backyard shed:

I met him through a Zine he was publishing. I just happened to come across it in a specialist bookstore on a quick trip back to Australia.  The Galaxy Bookstore.  I hadn't seen a Zine before, and just bought it on a whim.   Serendipity.

I can think of what a chance occurrence that was, and that it shouldn't have happened, but got to know this guy and his world.