Thursday, February 24, 2022

153 Pages of Our Comics, as CBR files for download

We have made CBR formatted versions of the main comics we have done in the last 2 years for free download. I use the free YACReader for PC and Perfect View on Android, but there are many. And these aren't all I've done, just the most recent.


In The Next Dimension

Bright, colorful very simple vector graphic SF stories in the next dimension. 18 pages. Done in a style I have not used before so that the art is quick to do. Most of the Vector Illustration I get commissioned to do is very different and more time consuming than this to do. Kind of a fun break.

Download In The Next Dimension

Just Thinking

56 pages of the comic strips and comics I did over the 2 years so far, mostly around living in the time of covid in the outer suburbs of  Kyoto Japan. Mostly off the cuff thoughts. Black &White comic. We moved back to Japan just before the Pandemic hit, and I have spent almost all that time in my new studio...

Download Just Thinking

This Is Where The Smoke Comes Out

43 pages at the current time. Name is from the inscription musician Peter Gabriel put on an Album he gave me. Inspired by the Historical/Autobiographical work SHOWA, by Shigeru Mizuki, Has historical and personal memories of looking what influenced me to end up where I did. From Sydney Australia, to Japan, to Australia and back to Japan, with 20+ years in the electronic Musical Instrument development Industry, then not.  

Combines Narrative Captions, comics and Black&White photos

Download Smoke

My Music

14 page book.  8 pages on how I wrote and recorded 6 songs in 2021 in our studio, 2 pages on Headphone thoughts and 4 pages on the history of Listening To Music In Stereo. Black &White comic.

Download My Music

The Shadow

26 pages on the History of THE SHADOW car racing team started at the end of the 1960s by someone who may have been a CIA SPY. Black &White comic.

Download The Shadow

And similarly our music 

Download Megacurve Music here

We can be contacted out at ART AND TECHNOLOGY