Saturday, July 28, 2012

Art & Technology on Facebook

Art & Technology on Facebook  has a collection of articles and comments that we haven't cover on our main website.
Mostly as your "supposed" to have other types of content on these "other" media sites.
We are still undecided about what great advantage a Facebook presence has, and don't really think a "like" amounts to meaning much.
Email and the phone work just fine. The same goes for LinkedIn and Twitter, which we also have.

If you really want to contact us, then we have made available all the current options, but suggest the website as the best.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Recent Vector Logo Illustrations for T-Shirts

Some recent illustrations. Mostly vector illustrations for T-Shirts and signage.  The Jet Boat design was done for printing on white and black t-shirts. The guy and gal "pop art" designs were for a Cafe's staff.  The trucks were part of a company anniversary design that was also done as pewter buckles.

The soundtrack is a rock instrumental based around drums, rock guitar and analog synthesiser effects called "One Minute Forty", the length of this video.