Thursday, December 27, 2007

OZ Industrial Grunge Techno Metal Politics

A FREE mp3 track of a work in progress: Lets Hope it is a Really_Good_Year

It is the outcome of playing with the Reaper Audio/Midi Sequencer, with a few free VST instruments for drums, bass and backing, and real guitar over that.

And for a different all electronic instrumental sound try: AdrianBruce-stratos.mp3

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Google Ranking

Like many others, I noticed the drop off in visits before the stories about Google changing their page rank algorithm hit the tech media and tech blogs.

In my case there seem to be a few scrapping sites that have content from, or links to, Concept Design Sketches at The affect of the change seems to hurt the page rank of even the originator of the content.

It does seem to indicate that if Page Rank is that important to you, whatever your doing is way too dependant on the whims of the Google Programmers!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Fairlight CMI Artist Videos

There is a moderated group for users and fans of the old Fairlight CMI. As one of the developers of those machines I think I was too busy to notice a lot of the stuff that was happening around them at the time.

On YouTube there are lots of Artist videos using the machines. This is a You Tube Special with Sakamoto and others discussing Electro Rock and demoing the system.

It was very high tech at the time, honest!

Nethanderal vs Nerd

There was a news story last week about a guy that drove half way across America and set fire to a guys trailer park home after he called him a nerd on an Internet Website.

The guy charged used the expression "of dealing with a Nethanderal". I read that and thought, he must have seen my cartoon here...

Nethanderal vs Nerd Cartoon

This design is available at our online store.

Art & Technology

This is a link to the Art & Technology website, where you will find many how to articles related to technology and creative endeavours .

Why start a Blog too? A good question.... We can run editorials, RSS and run a forum on our site, but don't know if it is worth doing. A Blog seems a simple way to experiment, indpendant of the main site. Will anyone visit this Blog? Don't know... maybe MySpace is the place to be this week, or is that Second Life? Or was that last months next big thing?

Will we get any comments about Caricatures, Car or Political Cartoons, Music or Animation, Sculpting and Technology, or those applied to each other? 3D Graphics? Video Editing? Could any just be about Funnycar or Topfuel Drag Racing, or maybe bathroom design or restoring old Audio Equipment or Musical Instruments?

How about the Sci-Fi themes in Joe Satriani instrumental rock? Or that Metallica and Judas Priest have some really great rock tracks? The combination of Techno and Metal, ala Filter doesn't come up often, or is that just me?

Concept Art and Design Sketches are interesting when you get a chance to do them, but that isn't that often. There aren't that many customers who need them. Same for StoryBoarding, at least in our part of the world. Ron Cobb lives here, but doesn't work here.

I had an email to the website asking for two tutorials on Design Sketching. One on the technical part of plans and views, the other on getting inspiration. I'm still thinking about them.

Will the response be different from what the Website attracts? It will probably take 6 months to be able to tell.

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