Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Car Comic Strip - Heavy Metal Garage: Car CARtoon Webcomic

Always thought a scribbled single panel style like "Non Sequitur" by Wiley Miller is something I could do... and sustain.

We have put our webcomic at Heavy Metal Garage - Car CARtoon Series webpage.

The scribbled pen is not the normal way we finish things, but this style works.

We also have our eBook there, and have put the webcomic at the top of the page. We are using code based on the ComicGallery php code with additional error checking and fixes.

The font we are using is Heavy Mettle from Blambot.  Seems right for this.

There are enough day to day events that are just weird and funny to fill an infinite number of comic strips and books. We are currently updating it twice a week...

And the truck cartoon above relates to being bullied by trucks on the main roads of Sydney. A pretty common thing.... had an incident recently where a truck from Bastin Transportation , a Sydney Trucking company, pretty much tried to run me, and at the next M2 entry point, a yellow Hills Bus, off the road. Stupid, real Stupid.

And here is one of our a short music videos on the process, with one of our original soundtracks...

We have changed the process a bit and now use a photo blue lead and don't need to erase it after inking. Just select the blue channel in an RGB scan into Photoshop and the blue is gone.

And this Car Renovation strip is available as a tshirt..... 

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

60s Monster UTE Hot Rod Car Cartoon

60s style Monster Car Cartoon

Now this is just over the top, and is a mess as far as being a great illustration... but it has a few fun things in it.

1. A Hot Supercharged V8 UTE, yes a UTE(!), not too different from the world of Big Daddy Ed Roth.
2. An Ozzie Blue Tongued Monster Driver.
3. Lots of MAD's Don Martin Sound Effects, all taken out of context. Your inner 10 year old loves it.
4. And a Comic Book style Intro.

Yes it is a messy illustration, but it has a whole bunch of nostalgic things in there!

Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas! Happy Whatever! And have a great New Year.

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