Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Alleged Facebook Fraud, YouTube, Buying Likes, Subscribers and Social Media

We determined some time ago that Facebook for our business was a waste of time. It just showed the posts I made to such a small percentage of those that LIKED the page that it is a complete joke compared to our actual website and even this blog page views.

And this video seems to explain why.  Even though I haven't bought likes or advertised, I think many people, including myself get impacted by this fraud activity.

I think my subscribers on Facebook AND YouTube (and I would assume all other Social Media Sites too) are mostly on my channel and page to "fool the fraud algorithms".
They have no interest in what I do, but get paid to like or subscribe to OTHER pages and channels, and need a few pages they aren't getting paid to like to make it not so obvious what they are doing.

As of today, my YouTube channel has some 68 subscribers, quite a few from the countries mentioned in the above video, yet I post a new video and get only 6 views, in 3 days and get zilch engagement.

The views on YouTube are also such a small percentage of the our website views that I have often thought it is a waste of effort too. It just happens to be fun to produce the material I post, as it combined our original music and images.

12 months ago I read a few Kindle Marketing Books, and many discussed using fiver.com and other places to buy likes, spam, reviews, comments with links on other sites and such crud.  I haven't done any of that.  I haven't even written my own glowing review of my book on Amazon.   And have now seen that EVERYBODY else does.

Thing is Facebook, Google and the other walled communities profit from this fraud too.  Gives the impression of activity and interest, which keeps people coming back to post more stuff and exposure to the advertising there.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Time Lapse Drawing Car Cartoon "Music" Video - Our Webcomic Style

The first time lapse drawing video we have done.

Put together a "vertical tripod", a sturdy frame that holds a video camera pointing straight down at the work surface. Used on hand shelf construction angle to make a stand that sits on the desk, about 1 meter wide and 58cm tall, with the camera support in the center top.

This is our first go at a 2 minute drawing video. Doesn't start with a blank page, just the photo blue pencil rough, but drawing that looks just like the redraw in ink shown here.

The video is sped up 4x normal in Sony Vegas Movie Studio.  Would like to have it faster, as cut off the start and end to get it to fit here. That requires some pre-processing of the video. Will try that next time.

The drawing style is what we have done for our webcomic. Loose black ink with Photoshoped colour.

The soundtrack was produced in Reaper, our DAW of choice, using real guitar and a bunch of VST synthesisers along with a KORG Monotron....

The Webcomic itself can be found here

We do freelance design work too. We have more examples of vector work and can be contacted at Art & Technology.