Sunday, January 1, 2017

Revisiting a track from 2009 - Have a Really Good Year

I did this track called Have a Really Good Year Dec 26th 2009 .

It is something I  shared again with my Facebook "friends" yesterday.  Looks like it got 6 partial plays, which is way better than the response I usually get on Facebook, a platform I mostly think is a waste of time and a scam, but haven't given it up.

The vocal is pretty much me doing a Rorschach (a character in Watchmen) speaking thing, on the

media loves Shock and Horror, the trouble in the Middle East, the Financial Crisis and a few other things that were "news" in 2009, and are still the cliches Neoliberal media and politicians roll out ..

I just a link to the original track, but I also did another version. I have moved to a new computer since then and only installed the most useful VSTs, so it needed a new reverb and organ configured.

I use ValhallaVintageVerb now and that was all fine, but ezDrummer said it wasn't Authorized.  It worked 2 weeks ago.  But since then a Lightning storm has taken out the Ethernet on my PC and I had put in a new Ethernet card instead.  That has changed my PC as far as Toontracks was concerned, but hadn't effected products by Izotope or anyone else. Ok just re-register, done it twice before, easy.

Short story version is your forced to use a new Toontracks thing called PM which is broken and will waste your time to get it working again.... and that really kills the vibe in working on something!

So Have a Really Good Year 

Terrible Software User Experience - Toontracks PM Authorization.

Don't you just hate it when a product you bought stuffs you around when you need it. Not complaining about the need for registration.  But having to do it 3 times for the life of the product, and it not working the 3rd time is the issue.

Being forced to install a new authorization application, then it doesn't actually work is very poor Software Management.   How would I know?  I've had to do it, and I got it right.