Friday, January 30, 2015

Interactive Heavy Metal Garage Comic Boardgame

Been playing with what this is.  What the jokes and cartoons are, adding the drinking game part, possibly exploding kittens, but mostly trying my hand at making it actually fun and winnable .... sometimes.

The real key is in the cards... like Munchkin or Victory Point Games.

Can't say I'm a gamer of any type, and they aren't my target player anyway,  but have many interests and have studied game design over the decades and had some fun with it.

Of course we originally started with software game development many years ago. C++ then later learning Java. This is a video of a Java phone compatible thing I was working on like 7 years ago. Used a mod player for music and effects..  but un-satisfying even though it had Australian PM John Howard defending against IR and the Treasurer at the time.....  it didn't have an interesting foundation..

But now we focus on the core that is independent of any implementation technology, even if ultimately a software/mobile/Web app would be most profitable. This core is where the real interesting stuff is, and there really is something about cardboard pieces and playing cards to implement it when you spend most of your time with computers!   Much faster to change, and of course ties into our cartooning and car stuff.

And I want to use The Game Crafter!

Not easy, I must say... that top image may indicate it is pretty much done, but that is just a mock up using the size and what I can get made.  The actual prototype cards at the moment are actually just my old recycled business cards. With stuff on the back of them I keep on changing.

I have a spreadsheet with the game parameters on them.  A single sheet at Game Crafter of these sized cards contains 21 cards, so that is what I want to use.

And what those 21 are, and what they have on them is handled in a spreadsheet

And then there are the dice probabilities, and keeping with a singe dice (1d6 in the language of this world) seems the best thing to do....

So is it going to use 0.75" square chits or micro cards on stands?  Don't know yet, but are looking at a bunch of options......  some are too complicated and it has to be as simple as possible.

Some things, like ACME GOO are a joke mechanic that seems like fun and useful....

So making it simple and fun, as well as interesting is the plan..... all dependant on other things getting in the way......  like work we get paid for

We can be contacted at Art & Technology.