Friday, April 7, 2017

Getting back to normal... and the Passing of a Legend, Mr Kakehashi

We had surgery some 6 weeks ago and have been recovering.  It was way more difficult than we had been lead to believe, with just an overnight stay in hospital.  A very common procedure, but unbelievable painful for many weeks.  A complete pain in the arse.  I haven't been able to do anything for most of this time.

Well, we have still more to go, months to get back to "normal", but the discomfort is now manageable and not overpowering. We can get back to having goals that are more than just "stop the pain".   Having very limited mobility for most of a month and a half has really hurt our fitness..... something else we hadn't expected.

Last Saturday night we found out Mr Kakehashi, the founder of Roland Corporation had passed away at 87.   I spent 15 years living in Japan and working at Roland, and knew Mr K.  (Mr K in the red cardigan, me right front in picture at his home)

This is the passing of a Legend.  Before I worked for them, or anyone else, it was Roland products I wanted and actually bought.   That there was a company doing these interesting, affordable things was due to Mr K.  He was pushed out of Roland in 2013 and then formed the ATV Corporation.

There may not be that kind of company again, as Share Holder value outweighs everything else.  Maybe the end of an Era.