Sunday, March 23, 2008

VST: All you need

Relaxing Over the Easter break. And here is another little 1min 47 sec Techno ditty here:

Other than the vocal, everything is PC Software and free VST instruments and effects.
The list being: GTG Drum Sampler II, Alpha Free(LinPlug), Synth1 , Endorphin compressor, Classic EQ(Kjaerhus Audio), Polyblit (Andreas Ersson), Ambience (Reverb), Stardust (Arguru Software). All great. ASIO4ALL and Reaper make any PC with on board sound into a low latency multi-track music production system. Technology triumphs over talent (and Art), yet again.

This was pretty much just played into Reaper with an old Roland PC-180 Midi Keyboard Controller. Took about an hour, everything just off the top of the head... Recycled the drums from the track below.
Musically very simple, but then so is Smoke on the Water, Paranoid, Living After Midnight and a million other tracks.

And for some Distortion that may be illegal in this state, try guitar based:

A short version of a Judas Priest classic, but the vocal sounds more double tracked country than metal. Just Intro, verse, chorus, short bridge, solo and ending.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Software Quality

Software Quality for a shrink wrapped commercial product is serious business. Proving enough feedback to software developers is tough. We currently work with a great QA Lead, Phil. Everyday is Fabulous with Phil.

To encourage reporting bugs and to make the 'we found one' not so stressful we have a robot Chicken toy that signals big ones.
Here is a musical skit (a very compressed arrangement) about this in our techno-metal : AdrianBruce-QA_Phil_the_chicken_is_on_standby_3.mp3

Software is serious business.

And for the few who want to know, the lyrics are:
We've got our build
Phil's feeling fabulous
This time for sure
Today could be the best day of his life
feeling fabulous

And the Chickens on standby
And the batteries have been replaced
And the Chickens on standby
And the batteries have been replaced

Phil's feeling fabulous
I think we've got a problem
Hey guys, hit the Chicken