Friday, May 6, 2011

Google Jumped The Shark July 2010

UPDATE: August 2011
In the last week, the google access seem to have gone back to what they were, after 12 months or so. If this continues then Goggle has unjumped that shark.

The original article...

The Google Analytics Dashboard Graph shows the date Google Jumped the Shark for useful web searching from our own monitoring and research. Despite their recent publicity, saying they had fixed the problems, we still find their search does not return what we actually want, compared to before this date.

In the last month or so, somethings are better. If you search for a datasheet from a major semiconductor manufacturer today, you may actually get the original site, and not some scrapper with nothing useful, trying to sell information that is freely supplied by the actual manufacturer.

A terrible shame, and we are still hoping they get their act together. Image search is still very very broken. The webmaster forum Google hosts is full of examples. They are always changing the algorithm, and you can see two massive cycles after the JTS date, until settling to their "un-impressive" state at the time of this post.

Try the image searches in google, bing, yahoo and any other search engine yourself and compare. You need to.