Friday, November 9, 2012

Facebook committing Suicide....LinkedIn to follow, like MySpace?

It seems really stupid of Facebook.

It became the size it did by connecting people. The only reason to be on it.  To connect loosely to a larger group of contacts.  More than your 5 real friends. Contacts you would not always call or email , but interesting to follow, if they post something.

Now Facebook doesn't CONNECT people.

You aren't getting most of the posts made.  Possibly only 19% of friends will get a post, without paying to promote it.

There is a business case to charge businesses to send stuff to their subscribers, but not users. Without users, there is no need for business to be there, and there isn't a reason why someone would pay to make sure a post was seen by all their "friends". Most posts don't have any real value.  They can contact their much small group of real friends in other ways.

If people aren't interested in paying anything for music that took a significant investment in time and money to produce, what is the typical Facebook trivia worth that isn't from one of your 5 real friends?  Less than nothing? And now that the news feed is filled with Advertisements  as much as it is filled with anything I actually want to see, there isn't much incentive to log in.

LinkedIn is also getting less useful by the day. All these meaningless self assigned skills and recommendations by friends. What is the difference between that and "buying" a degree on line? The extra gold stars? The groups are worse than any Internet news group ever was, and the job seeking side is "pay to promote your application".  That just reduces the value of the whole scheme, if it isn't a level playing field of merit.
LinkedIn also will not  link to may external news sites. It is very much a walled community. Even more so than Facebook.

We will see if  these sites wake up and smell the coffee or go the way of MySpace......

You may be better off just visiting the real thing, Art & Technology.

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