Saturday, November 10, 2012

Google Image Search Broken Again (Nov 2012)

Another skimming site carcabin  has confused the Google algorithm again.  Like wn, and many before, the Google algorithm gives preference to a skimmer site rather than the source site.  This was fixed 12 months ago, and it is back again.

Means the source sites get way less hits, and again punishes the publisher of original material, and promotes sites that just copy content.

The skimmer sites are usually heavy with Adsense and so make money from Google without generating any new content.  Doing pretty much what Google itself does.  The algorithm is broken in that it ranks copies of material put in one place higher than the originals at multiple sites.

Really hate this, as it makes has made another fall off in page hits over the last 12 months.

The upside is that all our material is now watermarked, so finding the original isn't difficult and those actually contacting us hasn't dropped off.

I would prefer they didn't break what was working, but that is programmers for you.....

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