Thursday, March 30, 2023

Tales From The Loop


This is a wonderful, slow, thoughtful, cinematic, short Sci-Fi series.  Season 1 is 8, 1 hour episodes. It came out in 2020, and it makes me wonder why I didn't know about it till a week ago.  Except it may have come out 3 years ago, but I have only had PRIME streaming for 12 months, so really wasn't watching for that kind of thing at the time.

Based on an Artbook and a short book of connected stories WINESBERG OHIO.

There are a fair few art samples from the book online.   

Realistic, current day rural images with adults and children, with random mysterious technology scattered about.  That is what the series looks like. An alternate history "now", but with old style telephones, vinyl records and CRT TVs.

It is all about the characters, and wonderfully done.  

There seem to be those that love it, or the frantic First Person Shooter fans that think "nothing happens" in it. There was a terrible review in THE GUARDIAN by someone that should have reviewed  THE PERIPHERAL instead.  

TALES FROM THE LOOP is slow, but it is also glorious.  A very interesting take for a scifi show.  Don't know if there will be a second series or not, but I don't think that matters. 

I did consider buying the artbook.  Haven't.  Apparently there is little text story associated with the images.  Mainly didn't as the show is much more than the artbook, and I am after more "inspiration" for my own art rather than others artbooks. 

It is really about the characters and what happens to them. How they change, how things change. But it is also gorgeous to look at. The Cinematography really is next level. And here is an article in American Cinematographer on the pilot.

So is it something I can be inspired by for my own comics? 

Yes. Yes indeed.  That there isn't ACTION but is thoughtful, is really appealing.

The book was crowd funded and there is also now a board game.  Simon sure leveraged what he did, and get others in on his world.  He has done 2 other related books now too. 

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