Sunday, March 5, 2023

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Went to the cinema for the first time since DUNE Oct 2021.  Everything Everywhere All at Once seemed to warrant it. 

I first heard about it as guitarist Mattias IA Eklundh mentioned he loved it during an interview he gave end of 2022. I love what Mattias does and where he is coming from.  I Looked it up then and thought, even though it looks like a Kung Fu movie, there must be more to it than that.

It started in Japan first week of March 2023 with Japanese subtitles.  4 days after opening there were 4 people in the cinema with me this Monday morning.

I will probably be thinking about this for a while, and add to this post.  Feel some inspiration from the first MATRIX movie. The "Kung Fu stuff", and "becoming an expert in the blink of an eye" are significant to both movies.

The Chinese couple, and Father alternate between English and Chinese so here you get Japanese subtitles. Happy to say could read many, but missed some. Key stuff is all in English though. James Hong and Jamie Lee Curtis (almost unrecognizable) significant.

On Twitter when I mentioned I might go see it, I got the reply, "love it",  "It’s an absurdist, multidimensional, string theory, sentimental painting in film form".   

After seeing it this morning, my first words are more like "The choices you make, relationships & family.  Kindness goes a long way..."  The way "the absurd" is a fundamental element is clever too. 

A very interesting film. Definitely not rehashing what you have seen before.  

Before I went I checked IMDB and there were a few 10/10 reviews.  But as anytime there is a none white protagonist in a western movie, like a recent Pixar Animation, or the Little Mermaid Remake, there are those wanting to bury it in bad reviews. Don't they have something worthwhile to do?

Will think about this one for awhile. It has heart.

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