Thursday, September 26, 2019

Quadraphonic Surround Sound..... again - Dolby Atmos Music?

Dolby Atmos Music looks to be taking another run at the Surround Sound Music format.  Discrete, SQ and QS Quadraphonic came and went decades ago as I wrote previously.

Now this appears to be slightly different from the Dolby Atmos used for Movies.

I haven't been able to workout exactly what that is from the marketing hype I've read. Does it have multiple discrete HiFi Audio channels?  Do not know.

Do know that it only fits on a Blu-Ray movie disc, which indicates that it might.

Will it take off?

Probably not.

I expect it is more about DOLBY trying to get a license fee out of every new music playing device rather than any great benefit to the users who now want to just stream not so high quality sound to their headphones anyway...

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