Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Drawing Chrome in a Drawing Package

Chrome components and variations 

We do a lot of Chrome.  Mostly on cars and bikes, but have been asked to put it in  signage too.

This is a short article on manually making chrome lettering in a drawing package such as CorelDraw or Illustrator.

The illustration above shows the components for one chrome look. Others are possible.

The lower blue and brown horizon variations are done as 3 or 4 components.
1) Blue to white rectangle.
2) Brown to pale brown rectangle.
3) Darker brown graduated horizon line. This may be straight or curved. Another lower layer can also be added for a different look.

The words themselves are cut into rectangle. with the words and the grouped ground and sky positioned correctly, the use of trim and intersection of objects can produce chromed stand alone letters or other effects.  Making the horizon thicker and thinner also changes the look.

The upper two also show a reflection. This is produced by producing just chromed letters and inverting and sizing under the original letters.

The top most also has a graduated transparency over the reflection letters for a more realistic look.

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