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Adrian Bruce vs George Trosley - Dueling 1955 Ford Pickup Car Cartoons

Adrian Bruce v George Trosley Pickup Cartoons
George Trosley is an American car cartoonist who I now know to have become a regular cartoonist for the USA based Car-toons comic.  I never saw the original books here in Australia. Don't know if it was ever available in Australia. I have only seen them from Internet scans.

I was influenced by the earlier Dave Deal and Ed Roth cartoons, as I expect George was, as he is about 10 years my senior, and George doesn't look like he made the move to the computer, like I know Dave Deal did.

In the last day or so Trosley posted a Ford pickup cartoon to his facebook page. Interestingly, I did a similar pickup about 2 months ago.  In this case mine is rendered in CorelDraw, and George's looks like pen, marker and probably watercolor.  He does his stuff as 11" x 17" ( close enough to be A3), and my computer based stuff has no size limit for printing, but A3 costs all of $2.50 on heavy card here.

So I can do a side by side comparison of a similar subject. Not a lot to choose between them, I must say. In this case, mine is more realistic for a cartoon. I also do ink and markers & airbrush, but computer rendering is like using a computer instead of a type writer for writing.

We both charge between $200 & $250 for stuff like this.

Bruce - Art & Technology

And here is a different look from us. Here are Dueling 4WDs. The top by me was for a large flag, done for $160 for a one day event. It has in big letters along the top" Oh, what a feeling!" to make a very large flag printed by a sign maker.  It shows a Toyota having to help a Nissan that got stuck in the mud the Touyota just got through, without any sticking! It is scanned ink on paper that has been colored in the computer.  It doesn't have the detail I would normally put, and is more a graphic.

Below is a more realistic Trosley rendering of a similar car with background for $250 or there abouts.

These have been done for different purposes, with different cost, detail and realism requirements.


Some other samples and styles:

Other styles & Custom Cartoons by Bruce

I can be contacted at Art & Technology , and he at George Trosley.

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