Thursday, August 29, 2019

Rough Sketch To Vector Illustration - Dirt Modified Poster

We deliver vector files such as PDFs for printing posters or stickers which are output from the computer, but the work doesn't start out that way.  It starts on paper with pencil lines. 
We have a Scanner/Printer that we used for getting these images into the computer to work from and to generate working test prints and to use as a sketch enlarger.

Or approach is to produce several small rough sketches that the customer can comment on to get the look and view they will be happy with. The customer is very much involved with the process and decision making.

We then enlarge that to A4 size, as that is what our scanner works with. We use a light table then to draw a more fined sketch with cleaner details. Then again the customer has their say and changes are made if required.

We then convert the pencil lines to a blue color, so when we start laying down the actual vector lines, we don't confuse ourselves.  Laying down the vector lines and objects is a completely manual process. 

We correct and straighten things up as we go.  Add color fills and all that and build up many layers of lines and objects.  Lower layers are at the back, higher in front.

Something like 35 layers in the case of this illustration.  We work as fast as we can, but this still takes hours.

And just in case your interested, it is the same process if not cartooned and more realistic.

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