Saturday, February 28, 2015

Car Concept Art - Street Machines & Customs

This is a 1967 blown Ford XR in Bronze with low profile tires. Very unlike how you would do it in 1967. The car hasn't been built yet, and this will help the builder decide on the direction the will go in.

One of the things Chip Foose is known for is his concept art. The idea on paper before the shop begins work at Overhaulin'.  But way before him there was Hot Wheels, Ed Roth and Tom Daniel in the 60s and 70s. Roth and Daniel had model kits of their machines available to any young man lusting over fine automotive awesome coolness.  Here is something in that 1970s  1/24th Model Box style I did previously. Southern California Custom Cool.

I'm thinking of talking about these influential designers and a few other things in our next Podcast. I had Hot Wheels and the Tom Daniel Model Hot Rods and drew thousands of my own when I was younger. A major passion from maybe 1968 till 1974....

Original 1969 Tom Daniel Sand Crab Box with built up car
I thought I was going to be some type of car designer before I was told in no uncertain terms no one actually did that in Australia in the 1970s, and so took up electronics focused on audio instead as a more secure future.  (Funny how there isn't any Audio electronics design here in 2015, but people do make custom cars!)

We have a lot of concept art stuff, but it is mostly of real industrial boxes and products we have been involved with. Most of the Concept Art on our website is Sci-Fi styled things. Design sketches in cool grey dry markers mostly.  Hopefully this car artwork will adjust the balance.

The line work in this was done in Corel Draw and the rendering was done in Photoshop. It is 300dpi A3 size.  It is based on reference photos of the base car, available rims and an engine style I had been sent.

It is in Car Concept Art style.

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