Friday, February 6, 2015

ArtAndTechnology Podcast Episode 0 and where it came from

We have done our first podcast and put it on

This is the RSS feed for the podcast.

Don't know if there will be another.  We will see if anyone but me actually plays it, and as I did it for myself anyway, I've already achieved what I wanted out of it.

Has an embedded player, and link to the mp3 for playing else where.  It is 5 minutes, and a proper Podcast probably needs to be between 10 and 30 minutes. Something to maybe think about later...

We used a Audio Technica AT2020 microphone with a Behringer MIC100 into Reaper on a PC.  Used headphones while recording and removed a few uumms in Reaper, our DAW of choice.  Didn't do any editing other than that, and deleting some too long pauses and left in the mistakes, as it just sounds better to me.
The original is stereo 44kHz but we reduced that to mono 64kbps when encoding to mp3.

I originally wrote a script but an initial test mid week with it showed that isn't the way I should do it. I'm not a skilled voice actor and it just sounded like it was being read, ....poorly.  When redoing it, I just talked about the topics, and it just flows much better..... even with the mistakes, 'cause that is how I talk.

I was doing board game (Tabletop is the new term) research and found a few different things that were new to me. I  started listening to Radio Free Burrito and  really like the whole idea and much of what is talked about. I was inspired to do a Podcast myself.
Now, I have 24 music tracks on SoundCloud, which is something like two albums worth, so I have the recording gear and know how to use it anyway.  Embedding an Audio play on our site was also something I had been looking at for a while, so these things just came together this week. And so here it is.

I also seem to be very late to the party and didn't know Wil Wheaton is now something of an Internet Celebrity.  Yes, more than just a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory, or the kid Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  His Blog and Twitter feed have apparently been big for a very long time, in Internet terms anyway.

Anyway, this is just an experiment as we are really more a visual person than a talker, even when making music...   a reason we don't have any lyrics in our music.

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