Friday, November 16, 2012

Vehicles, Starships, Starbase Concept Designs and Sketches

GEV - Ground Effect Vehicle Concept Sketch, Dry Markers

We have done quite a few future tech designs over the years. Inspired by the likes of Ron Cobb and Syd Mead and others.

We used Letraset dry markers originally, and have used pastel, acrylics and the usual materials. Now have Copic W1~W10, but just as likely to scan a sketch and colour it in Photoshop, as we do have a Wacom tablet.  Pens are expensive, they dry out, are not so readily available any more.  An Inkjet printer ends up being more flexible.

Tracked Vehicle Concept Sketch, Dry Markers

Wanting to design the future is part of it.

Helicopter Concept Sketch Pastel and Marker

And there is this incredible challenge to design something cool that hasn't been seen before. And that is really really hard.

Retro Prop Bomber Concept Sketch, Dry Markers

This retro SF bomber is inspired by a few different historical and technological things, that I put together differently to make it unique.

Space Carrier Concept Sketch, Dry Markers

This Space Carrier is also based on aircraft carrier shapes. A nod to Star Wars too, but not one of their machines.

Here is a video with our original sketches and music.

We have been involved in developing real products, and we use the same design techniques and sensibility.

For more samples and hopefully cool stuff, visit Art & Technology.

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