Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Japanese Tuner Car Cartoon Vector Designs, with dudes!

Japanese Tuner Car Cartoon Vector Design, with dudes!  The Japanese love hot cars, especially the body kit fitted, tuned local variety. And Bikes and Trains....

And the dude is saying: "Japanese Cars are Great!"  (Nihon jidousha wa subarashi desu!) , and the number plate is just "Japan" (Nippon).

The car is a variation on the Toyota Supra, with the body kit, but the dudes are the main thing here.  Inspired by Dave Deals pencil characters.

A variation on this, the Japanese Hot Tuner Car Cartoon  shirt is now available.

Also have Graffiti Hot Tuner Car Cartoon shirt, without the Japanese and dudes and the Graffiti title "Tuner Car!

     Other really cool stuff at Art & Technology!  See your doctor if pain persists.....

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