Monday, November 8, 2021

Freak Kitchen: Discovering Music That Speaks To You


Discovering music is such a random thing. There is so much out there, you will only ever come across a small selection.

I first head of FREAK KITCHEN around 2014 on the community TV show in Sydney Australia, GUITAR GODS AND MASTERPIECES.   Not the show that would ever be on a commercial network, but I am clad they existed. Since then the Community Channel in Sydney was shut down and is now home shopping or something,  You can find this on the extra channels like 7mate on occasion, and now YouTube.

What I first heard was FREAK OF THE WEEK, from their second last album. I then found their videos on YouTube, then bought the COOKING WITH PAGANS CD from Amazon USA, as it wasn't available in backwards Australia.

Loved it, and GGAM would show various Mattias guitar tutorials and videos sometimes.  

Now 2 years ago I moved back to Japan, and have watched more YouTube than previously, and learnt about their back catalogue, and what they have been about. And Freak Guitar too.  And I have now bought all their old CDs and their book from second hand stores here in Japan in the last 7 months or so. Become quite the fan. Even bought the T-shirt!

Only just finished reading FREAK WHEN SPOKEN TO, and it seems amazing to me that they had released 4 albums, and the drummer and bass player still couldn't make a living from music, and with other issues, quit the band. I love those early albums. JAPAN was one of the places they were popular, so why I could get all their old CDs.  

My last 5 songs have been very influenced by Mattias "IA" Eklundh in so many ways. Drop C# on a Strat being one. They say things that are meaningful to me, in a metal type way. Wish I had discovered them way earlier.  


I know there is so much music out their I would love but will never come across. But also no-one has that much time to search!

 And you will note that shirt in various cartoons of me I have done in the last 6 months too.... 

I'm not always such a huge fan of some of his IAs wiggly harmonic lead stuff though. Technically amazing, but not always melodically musical to me. You are not going to want to hum it which I think is important. 

His FREAK GUITAR albums are more that direction, and I tracked down second hand CDs of those too. Eddie Van Halen's leads are far more to my liking, even if that is not what I try and do at all.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

THE SHILLS, a 4 page comic

 Easiest way to read this is click on a page, then use BLOGGER image selection tool bottom of the screen

Friday, October 29, 2021

Oh, What a waste, 勿体ない... music and comic


We redid the artwork for our music track, Oh, What a waste, 勿体ない last week and used that in the comic above too.

The photo is constructed from 3 different photos. Single use plastic garbage washed up on a beach in the foreground, used tires in the center and a garbage dump in the background. 

Japan does recycling so much better than Australia, and people don't just dump garbage on the street, but it is still a problem. 

The release of Windows11, and it currently making even recent computers obsolete is just as disgusting as the trash in the picture above. What a waste!  Same with Mobile phones that can't have the OS upgraded, and gradually stop working as apps use "the latest api" and "don't support that version of the OS" anymore.

It is all so reckless and see this as an environmental issue. Bigger than used straws. Unfortunately the management of companies are rewarded using these strategies, even if it screws the customer base...

Not saying I have any answers, but now having my 3rd Android phone purely because of built in obsolescence, doesn't fill me with bliss.  And that you can not exist without a Mobile phone number now is bizarre.  Without one, you cannot verify who you are!

Used this in my first Instagram video too.  The frame size is wrong in this earlier thing I put on Youtube, but it doesn't matter on Youtube.  This has the lyrics in English and Japanese. Putting those in took all the time. Each is a separate text title, so their starting and ending times is set on the time line.  


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Short HEADPHONE comic


Read all kinds of things in the media and on the 'net. Some are true, much is false.

You shouldn't do that, but use this. All related to shipping product, or the ego of the want to be gatekeeper/ opinion leader/ influencer. Seen one YouTube channel with a really young guy doing it, and he has $500 sets of headphones saying these open back units are what you need for mixing and mastering.

Whereas an actual expert, Andrew Scheps, just uses SONY MDR-7506 $100 closed back headphones and has for 20 years. 

May expand this comic to include BINAURAL  mixes which are a different thing again. 

THE SHILLS are everywhere, and I wrote and recorded a song on that too.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

One Page comic on Andrew Schep Mix Tricks


We wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered 5 new songs in the last few months. That they had multitracked vocals was pretty new to me. I mixed them pretty much they way I have for the last 10 years. lead guitars have delay effects, and bass is dry. A little plate reverb on rhythm guitars , drums and vocals.

Everything has EQ to remove out of useful band stuff and compression. I have never put a compressor on the mixed output. Final loudness is controlled in a separate mastering project with Ozone5, and I don't use it's multiband compressor. Doesn't do anything I like.

So I was thinking I should try something new, so have tried a bunch of mix tricks from YouTube in a remix of THE_BOTS_ARE_AT_IT_AGAIN. 

Still searching...