Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Birman Cat

Neighbour a few houses away had a Birman Cat. We knew this when she started coming around to visit. It didn't take long before she decided she liked us, and then dropped in often. Not to get anything to eat, but she just enjoyed our company.  We also had some really good places to get the sun in our small enclosed back courtyard, and she loved getting in the long grass. All fun times.

A Birman is described as a "dog like" cat. When she saw us she would come running up to greet us . She also liked to play, and was nothing like any of the two cats my family had when I was much younger. This Birman was a small furry person with wonderful blue eyes.  "Seal point" describes her coloring.

When she was passing the house, she would drop in, call us to our back door, explain something to us, then go on her way. Her version of having a short chat over the fence.

She had an incredible range of expressions. The one above is of disdain, but she could also be so bright, and wide eyed happy to greet us.  NOT to get food, but just to see us, like "OMG how wonderful to see you again!".

We have done a few cartoons of her, and have now put just two designs in our Zazzle store, the Birman Cat Items  .

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