Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sketch to One Colour Custom 4x4 Vector T-Shirt Design

Here are a couple of work in progress images of going from a sketch to a vector cartoon image.
We draw the original sketch in pencil on paper. In standard pencil in this case. If we are inking the paper sketch, we use a Blue pencil so it doesn't need to be erased. 

In this case the sketch is converted to a blue color in Photoshop, saved as a jpeg at 200dpi, then brought into Corel Draw as a reference layer.  We make it blue, as the lines we make in Corel are black, and it makes it all easier to see our work.

We make shapes and lines, weld some things together, and at other times subtract one from another to get the lines and fill objects we are after.

It has a very clean line, but organic look, which is actually not easy to get in a vector design! In this case we get a Black on White Design for silk screening and business use.

A one color design is the easiest to apply for a small business.  It ends up being two colors when applied to a background of another color. The color doesn't have to be black, and the shirt doesn't have to be white. Once the stencil is made, it can be used to produce different color combinations.

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