Friday, May 5, 2023

The Importance of Down Time

It is the end of Golden Week here in Japan, a time when almost everyone takes a holiday. This is because holidays can only be taken at certain times a year.  For me here, it is mostly a time to stay home and avoid the crowds everywhere.

Being "semi retired" and only doing freelance illustrations when I want to,  means every week is pretty much "the holidays".  But as I am only 3+ years into this life style, I am always amazed at how many things come up that have to be done and scheduled. Will also be a "grand father" in some weeks, and that will be a whole new thing to us.

This is some down time, where I let the cat take over the studio, and I take stock. For some reason, this chair is the best spot in the house for much of a day...

Been ill the last 4 days though after having a pizza bread I hadn't had before, with a particularly light and fluffy (fwaaa, fwaa as they say here) base but resulted in gastric distress and painful bloating that has taken days to get over.  The leavening  (a substance used in dough to make it rise, such as yeast or baking powder) in some breads here does me in now. It continues to be active for days in my gut if I eat any.  I have changed.  I used to enjoy any Mister Donuts, but can only have a Churu now.

It is start of May 2023, so almost half the year gone, and I consider what I have done, and what I want to do or try next in the studio. 

At the end of 2022 I produced over 16 minutes of original animation and music in my ROCK Opera.  Took months to do, so in some sense that had full filled my creative output quota that has carried into this year.  The need to Make Something, is like a like a hunger that builds, then is quenched, then builds again.  This has always been the rhythm of my life. 

I guess all "creatives" feel that way.  They are creative as they have to be creative.  

Has always looked to me is that there are people that aren't like that at all. One of those other types needs to Talk, Chat & Gossip. About anything, no matter how trivial. What much of Twitter is about. The Lowest Common Denominator attracts followers. 

Doing the commissioned illustrations fulfills that my creative need too, and have done a few large complicated jobs this year already.  

But Down Time is also very important. Without distractions, and getting "bored" (especially staying off Social Media)  is important to let the mind come up with interesting things.  It may not be fun, but it is important.

Listening to this with distance from when I did it really lets me here what I did. Nothing musically new and brilliant, but I do like some of it very much.

Having it on as background music every so often, and in some parts I think to myself "that bit really rocks", or "the transition here is entertaining".  

I have a feeling of what I want to do next, but nothing concrete. I did like this recent thing though, but don't know how that fits into things, as am really considering comic ideas at the moment. 😀

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