Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Satisfaction At The End of a Journey

Coming back to Japan end of 2019 was the start of "semi" retired life.  Retired from our "technical career" early 2019 and now just working "whenever" an art commission comes in. 

In High School, electronics became a hobby driven by my interest in music and HiFi. Went on to be "my technical career" and isn't something I have any interest doing "for fun" now.  Drawing was always an interest, and you can find out about all that here. Our first paid freelance drawing commissions started in 1999.

We now spend our time studying Japanese and on our interests of Drawing, Cartooning, Making Comics, Music, Music Production and Model Making.  Intermixed with family things, and short trips.

Have made a few different things since 2020. A few songs, car related comics, built models of the B5 Starfury and Aliens SULACO, but these here are probably my favorites:

The Delenn bust I started in the 1990s in Super Sculpey. The IRIA vinyl kit I bought in the 1990s and just used the optional cape part to make this bust.  

The In The Next Dimension is the first complete full color comic I have done in my hybrid Vector approach. Combines Vector images, story made in CorelDraw and many nib pen on paper ink drawings colored in Photoshop. So combines new and old technology in the production. Bottled ink, nib pens and paper is something I tried over the years without any joy, but Japanese manga paper and G nibs are really nice now.

The In The Asteroid Belt Music Videos uses models I made in the mid 1990s for my DESKTOP SCIENCE FICTION PRODUCTION, and adds to that hybrid stop motion blue aliens.  

The music combines my heavy guitar and synthesizers in the soundtrack.  So they are the results of work over decades. They used Reaper in producing the music and Moho Pro 12 to do the animation.

I finally wrote, sang and recorded single handedly songs in 2021 and put them all on our Bandcamp Megacurve page.  These aren't the first songs I sang and recorded, but feel they complete a chapter of my music life that started in high school in the 1970s.  This one has the chorus in Japanese too:

Now, I don't consider myself a song writing musician at all.  Are they any good?  Good enough for me.  Will I sing any more?  Not planning to at the moment.  

The Bandcamp page has my songs and the soundtracks to the music videos, so that feels like a couple of things ticked off my bucket list.

So in mid 2023 here today, I feel like I have "completed well enough" a few things I started a long time ago. Finishing things is far more important than being perfect.  These really gives me a sense of satisfaction at the end of a multi decades long journey.

Doesn't mean I will not try making more though, and setting off on a different journey.

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