Monday, May 8, 2023

New Facebook Bait and Switch Scam?


We have had an Art & Technology Facebook page as long as a personnel Facebook page. Facebook for most of those years didn't show anything I posted there to anyone and I have always had almost zero interaction there.

I have almost deleted it twice, as it is 99.999% a waste of time posting to. That in the last years when PAY TO BOOST AND BE SEEN became Facebooks main approach, I rarely posted to it.
When I did as a test, I would get that the post has been seen by 0 people, even many days later. For me, that is just a big red flag that Facebook is, and has always been, a scam. Our own website is far more useful than anything Social Media!

And then in the last few weeks, been getting numbers of people liking and following the page daily! But after 2 weeks of that, started getting emails from Facebook about "why don't I try boosting a post?".
Thing is, still get 0 interaction, and none of these new followers comment on anything.  679 followers and no one says anything?   Just another variation of the long running scam that is Facebook business pages.

I assume they are all fake, and Facebook is in on it.  Same old same old fraud.

The Internet is crawling with bots and scammer. 

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