Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The Cancelled Streaming TV Series


Had Amazon Prime for about a year now. The only streaming service I have tried.  Originally got it to see the rest of THE EXPANSE. Then Picard and THE GRAND TOUR.

THE EXPANSE was one of many shows that got cancelled. Been cancelled twice now.  Even though I think it "ended" just fine at the end of Season 3.

Not many shows plan for short runs.  So many rely on the cliff hanging ending of a series, that can really get to the audience when they don't get renewed. 

DARK MATTER was one of those with a cliff hanger, but the Writer/ Creator gave us closure on Twitter, that left us in a better place.  

PAPER GIRLS, fortunately was based on a comic, so I located and read that. They had moved things around a bit, but that was all fine by me. 

TRUTH SEEKERS was a small comedy that had just one season, but it answered the main questions during its run.  

NIGHT SKY only got one season, but I think it explained enough. I was more annoyed at some of the writing at different places that made it too slow, so understand why it wasn't given the go ahead to continue.

THE EXPANSE finished at Season 6. There are books if you want more, so that is fine. Interesting they didn't finish all the loose threads at the end though, even though the terrorist and his son was finished off nicely. 

Does it matter that you don't get to see them "Live Happily Ever After"?  

I think it depends if the writers put in a cynical end of season cliff hanger or not. I tend to think cliff hangers are bad in the world of streaming. Leaving not all questions answered is fine, but did the main characters all get killed or not is much more problematic if you invested your time in it. 

This comes down to the stuff I create myself too. If I was working on a series, and it just wasn’t getting the views/listens I consider make it worth my while to continue, I don't have a problem with just stopping.  Not all questions have to be answered.   

And it was interesting to read the Producers of the new show THE ARK, plan to have each series end without a cliff hanger.  

That being said, the showrunners’ road map includes creating a satisfying ending to each season of The Ark, no matter how many there are. “Jonathan and I are both believers that when you watch a season of television, it should be a complete meal,” says Devlin. “I believe that when you get to the end of the season, you will feel that you got a whole story, but then a door will open to tell you that there’s more to tell. There’s more to talk about; there’s more to see; there’s more to learn.”

With a series having an unknowable number of seasons, that seems the best strategy to me. For my own things too.

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