Tuesday, February 7, 2023

ArtAndTechnology.com.au Updated

Google analytics had been nagging for months to update to the new GA4. So last week worked out what I needed to generate and change it on all the pages.

I still had some much older Analytics code at the bottom of the pages and cleaned that up too. It was an opportunity to look at all the pages again, and found many links had stopped working due to having http rather than the now required https in the code.  I hadn't checked them myself in some time. I also took the opportunity to remove most of the Adsense stuff I had, as the payout rate now is so low, it isn't worth the page mess to keep it.  

I replaced most (if not all) of the adsense with links to my own things. 

I had been just using Notepad++ to edit my pages for the last many years.  I have a few using combined PHP with HTML and think that stuff is just so ugly.  There are extra tools that help separate it out, but it is still a support nightmare, as then the PHP code to do that changes over time too.  Notepad++ is still probably one of the better things to use for that.  Keep it simple is they way to go though.

I reinstalled an old copy of Dreamweaver and added two new webpages to the site. CSS has changed a lot since then though, so the internal preview of CSS doesn't really get previewed correctly.  

See how it doesn't understand the CSS to only show the  horizontal or vertical table menu bar?

Where I added CSS in 2015 was in supporting desktop and mobile devices with the same page. Google at the time gave sample code to do that with their push to make the web mobile compatible.  In the CSS it used the browser width to put the menus I have horizontally or vertically. 

Mobile vs Desktop from same code

Works okay, but have always found the font on desktop too big, and the font on mobile too thin, but I have kept it that way.  Never had any complaints.

Last year I added the web page Our Original Comic Books to have a place to be able to download the CBR files of some 7 of the comic books I have written and drawn in the last years.

This time I add a place to have the In The Asteroid Belt: A Rock Opera movies and a MAKING OF page from own main website. 

My original website back in 1995 called SF2D&I was very much a detailed  MAKING OF  .  So as I explain, this isn't exactly new to us.  

The site is ArtAndTechnology.com.au  

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