Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Promotion vs Creation

Not a fan of self promotion, but if you don't promote what you make, no one will stumble across it.  Our website, by a long long margin, is the way people find us. Posting samples and links ends up being my "promotion" for the most part.  Posting to this blog is also a PR.

And then just making more of what you do doesn't help with anyone finding it. Or does it? May help on a webpage, or 6.  Like our Car Caricature Samples.   This ends up being six separate webpages in Google.  That they are static HTML pages also helps, or it looks that way. 

So much talk of the value of Social Media, but I have never seen it. Facebook doesn't show anything posted there to anyone any more.  Twitter makes it emotionally difficult to follow a link and leave your timeline. It is slow on a mobile phone, and you probably will not return to the place on the time line you left, and people hate that, so they don't follow links.  Many on Twitter are there for small talk and gossip, and the occasional news item between all their bitching and moaning. Not people to care about anything someone may have created.

Much of  Social Media seems to be about trying to get a large following, by being "a thought  leader" or some type of "online celebrity".   But that doesn't work like it did back when Forums were big, and you could post useful information to a posted question in a particular domain. Social Media just doesn't have the same reason for being on it joining a Forum did. 

People didn't post pictures of their food to Forums back in the day, but that is "normal" on Social Media.  Part of that small talk and gossip wasting time vibe.

Social Media websites, like Facebook have dramatically damaged the normal Internet though, with their walled gardens. And the SEO gaming and spam sites have hurt Google Search a lot, but have yet to find anything better.

So what do you do?

Really don't have the answer. 

When it comes to our Comics or our  Rock Opera, I am not selling anything and just would like a few people to have a look.  

We can be found at ArtAndTechnology

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