Friday, February 3, 2023

Google Search has Lost It's Shine, Again

Google Search was the leader by a long way early in the webs development.  

It doesn't work very well anymore. 

The YouTube video  What Happened To Google Search?  is pretty close to my own thoughts on the matter.  

I have had my own website since 1995, and the current site since 2008, and have watched the ups and downs of the findability of my key pages with searches in Google.  I posted previously of a period where my site disappeared for about a year from the search results and discovering then you couldn't rely on the web to be consistent. 

My post Organic Search Drops Over 10 years shows to me how Google Search has just continued to get more useless as time goes by. On checking my websites findability with me main keywords it didn't come up at all, but my Pinterest site did, which does point back to my actual site. That is just so wrong.

The Walled Gardens of Facebook, Twitter and Reddit with Googles own changes to their algorithm have considerably reduced its usefulness.  It gives mostly irrelevant paid sites. 

But it isn't just searching the web that is broken. Searching YouTube for something you know is on it, doesn't get returned either. 

The video I reference at the top suggests Reddit is the current main source of useful information. I have seen actually useful answers to questions come from there, but also found Reddit to be a nastier place than Twitter in my earliest trips there, so I don't go there on purpose.

An increase in non tracking sites, DuckDuckGo and browsers like Vivaldi seem, maybe,  to be getting more popular, as is the similarly non commercial Mastodon social media Fediverse.   The destruction of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook seems to be part of the same trend to me. As is the way Google trashed lots of its staff.

A  TREND or is it just really bad out of touch management?

All this makes you think about adding a page to your website, like In The Asteroid Belt: Our Rock Opera and not being able to find it in a search yourself, let alone anyone else that may be interested... 

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