Monday, August 2, 2021

New Music Track: What A Waste (Mottai Nai)


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This swaps the J-POP K-POP song thing around where the verse is in English and the chorus is a standard Japanese expression Mottai Nai. Means "Wasteful", "isn't that a waste"  a few variations on that in the chorus. A lot of wasteful things around and Japanese say "Mottai Nai" a lot...

Pop-ish verses, Heavy Riff Chorus, but vocals still pop-ish.  

This is again our down tuned Squire Strat and J-Bass.  Wanted a really heavy chorus riff then a dramatic change in the verses, even if the vocals remain pop-ish double tracked through out .  Been studying old Freak Kitchen and some recent Metal on those heavy riffs. 

My inspiration for song structure and complexity are DEEP PURPLE "Smoke On The Water", "Black Night" ,  BLACK SABBATH "Paranoid" and JUDAS PRIEST "Living After Midnight" .  These are all very simple songs that don't have massive guitar solos in them.  They also became really popular, so simplicity is more likely to be easier to listen too.  But, the riffs in these songs are very different than modern lower register, low string pedal note riffs.

The Guitar Pedals and Ashton microphone.

My song writing , production and recording all happen at the same time in Reaper. 

I record much more than gets put into a song off  after the end of the song. The song is made of 8 and 16 bar sections, and I select those from much longer takes.  Editing, cut, copy and pasting bars and sections, the way you use a word processor.  Takes are all improvised on the spot. The verses are using the D# Aeolian (Natural Minor)  &  Pentatonic scales.  The chorus uses C# Aeolian (Natural Minor)  with 3 tracks of guitars.

The vocals were sung with a hand held Aston "SM58 look alike" cheap dynamic microphone. It is so hot here, my AT2020 condenser microphone picks up the air conditioner in the next room. The studio is also only a 2 mat room, so the dynamic mic doesn't pick up the room tone either. So a Lo-Fi vocal without the unwanted room tone and environment noise. 

Guitar Distortion was the METAL CORE, and we used the GE-7 EQ as a Cabinet Simulator on a chorus track. J-bass used the Behringer GDI21.  On other sounds we used Cabinet IRs in Reaper. Particularly the "Gods_Cab_1.2" using a SM57.  The Cabinet Sims take away the Buzz and Fizz of the DIed distortion pedal and also allow you to position the cabinet microphone. 

My ORANGE Micro Amp is only for practice . I never record it's sound.

This is only the 3rd Vocal based Song I've written and sung so I don't have much experience. As long as I can equal or better Bob Dylan's singing voice I am happy at the moment.

Not sure what I will do next. Needs to use the 7 String though, even though down tuning a 6 string gives just as good results, I have now discovered.

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