Wednesday, May 29, 2013

V8 Supercars 2013. Ford Out?!

The V8 Supercar series has long been a Holden vs Ford race in Australian motor sport.  This being a lot like NASCAR, without the banked speedway tracks. Has changed in 2013 with Mercedes and Nissan joining in.

Still a long way from the days of the Bathurst 500, when Mini Coopers won.

Ford have this week announced they are stopping car manufacturing in Australia.  Without Ford, they will not be racing. Or will they?

Supercars are the most commercially successful racing in this country. Most others can only attract the racers and their families.  I'm more interested in Drag racing and the Lemans 24 hours. Doesn't get much TV coverage here.

The LeMans was only being streamed on the Internet last year. Luckily it was as good or better then when they broadcast it on free to air.

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