Monday, May 20, 2013

eReaders, SmartPhones and eBook Wonders

Like everyone else, after trying an eInk Kindle and seeing how fast and easy getting books into it is, and how that it is actually better than a paper back on paper, I've become a convert.   Will not be buying paper novels any more!

That it also allows you to put the same books on your phone, and be able to pick up reading where you left off from your Kindle on your phone is just very cool.

I take the phone everywhere and having the Kindle App on it is just great for waiting for appointments out and about.  More useful than Facebook updates.

We have our own joke car cartoon eBook "Hot CAR-toons, Dudes, Dudettes & Stuff At the Heavy Metal Garage" and that you can get it and others like it almost instantly for about the cost of a cup of coffee is just a world changing event.

May be we will be able to do a book with music as well as illustrations and text in the not to distant future.....

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