Thursday, September 20, 2012

Art & Technology YouTube Channel

We have the Art & Technology YouTube Channel with 18 short videos at the time of writing with over 32,500 views.

Most are short music videos or demo reels showing illustration samples with original music.  One is a Stratocaster Hum reduction Demo that accompanies a how to shield article on our website. .

We have one very popular video. It gets many times the accesses of the others.  That is a good thing, but that we do not know why it is so popular compared to the others isn't.

Google says 85% of views are from an unknown source. Only 12% are from a search that they know what the keywords are.  What doesn't make sense is that in using YouTube, you are recommended videos by Google, and they don't know why they are recommending a video?  How does that make sense?

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