Friday, June 16, 2023

THE Problem with Social Media...


Human nature is such that those that know the least about "something", will be the most vocal and confident about that "something".    A knowledgeable person will never be as confident about "something" as a NO NOTHING ,(know nothing).

Partly explains why Social Media is terrible as it usually is.  

The recent Musk Twitter is even worse than previous twitter with the algorithmic changes made.  Blocking and Muting is part of the solution but it still leaves it full with the trivial, shallowness and stupidity from much of the user base.  

Useful/Interesting use of time spent on Twitter has plummeted greatly, but that makes it easier to not bother to go there.  Anything I post there (mostly a cartoon, an illustration, video or music I have made) may get noticed by 2 or 3 friends, unless I post a picture of our cat, which will get many many more.  That cat pictures get noticed much more just indicates to me it is a waste of time being there. 

Then the are corporate SHILLS and trolls for anyplace you have been or  had to mop up the mess from their previous contract. Mentioned a big contractor that wins many government contracts in Australia in twitter once, that I had seen how poor a job they do, and got someone representing immediately gaslighting you.  😡   Block, Block.   

Twitters "clout-chasers" are an unpleasantness too.   Are they also the ones that follow, then do the unfollow to build followers I wonder?  Seen accounts with big opinions with lots of followers do that.  That blue ticks will now get paid for views interactions is the end of the site. Outrage will rule, as that has been proven to be the most effective at getting followers (and so payment).

Facebook, for me, is now just about the groups, as it doesn't show anything I post to my friends or anything they post to me.  Some groups are interesting for your special interest, but you will still get the "no nothing" commenting when they shouldn't be commenting at all. ROI for time spent there is better than Twitter.

Instagram, for me, is about keeping up with what a couple of friends and my daughter post. The rest is time wasting garbage.  A waste of time me posting anything at all there, as 99.9% of the time no one will see or notice, even worse than Facebook.

Mastodon hasn't proven itself at all. I still hate the time wasting INFINITE TIMELINE, where scrolling to "the end" will more often than not, not show anything to make it worth the effort.  Posts I make will more often than not, not be noticed by anyone at all. 

There is much of the trivial I don't care for. Just random insignificant chat on whatever random thought someone had that morning. Boiled eggs vs poached? If that is your thing, they have you covered.

Many there are there for inconsequential small talk chat. This chat is where you can get someone reply to you if you join in. I'm not Swedish, but don't care for chat.  Never have. A Mastodon Art admin was asking people to do their version of various topics, e.g. CAT MONSTER EATING SPAM, and that would be all in the art feed. That is not the art I care to see or do. 

The only way to find people posting with like interests on Mastodon , are through adding hashtags to posts, and searching for those hashtags.  But it seems to me, without any supporting evidence of any kind, those post hashtags aren't shared throughout the fediverse servers.  Any original post I make, rarely gets any recognition that it was seen by anybody, very much like Instagram.  Found lately more people just posting their fav music clips from YouTube, and not their own creative works.  So I find I have now zero incentive to post, or visit there.    

I'm on BLUESKY now. Too early to tell, but where the main people I followed, and interacted regularly with went to. Comics related for the most part. Was briefly on HIVE, but it didn't work well enough to be useful.   

YouTube is similar for me. I have a channel, that a few friends will notice something uploaded.  Shorts are about the only thing more than 30 people will see if I upload.  It is also a place where someone will talk about something for 30+ minutes that should have been a short one paragraph blog post you could read in 60 seconds.  The algorithm encourages this excessive padding, and time wasting.

Then there are the YouTubers with "unbiased" reviews, all shilling X Corporation's "new thing", or artists new Album, exclusive, early, all at the same time, saying how great it is. ( Like for example, Steven Wilsons new Harmony Codex Album). Of course that free trip to Japan didn't influence anything either. Love Ola, but he has done that too, which completely destroys any credibility.

Same deal with all those  YouTubers reviews and likes in comments for the Osmose synth. It must be an impressive product, really works, but doubt very much, just like the Roli Seaboard, they will not be around very long, unless bought out by a much bigger maker.  

LinkedIn. Hate that site with a passion. The survivor biased "10 things successful executives do in the morning", and all the rest of the HR centric crud. But I am there so people can find me if they need. It was originally just resumes, but is now trying to be social, but it is still awful. The 100s of Google staff that were axed without warning, then posting their love letters to Google, was the epitome of  sucking up to the employer that abused you, with out the decency of a normal redundancy process. 

People I knew on Twitter have gone to different places. A few stay on Twitter. Some to Bluesky, some set up their own Masterdon server, and others to Threads.  Less interaction anywhere for me.  "Working the room" isn't for me, never has been. 

So, it seems, Social Media is far less useful/interesting for me now than it was. Will it all go the way of MySpace I wonder? 

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