Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Collected Music, Cartoons and Video Works

Here are links to our cartoons, comics, animations and music. The music and comics are free to download.  

We work on a few different kinds of creative project, AND finish them! Finishing things is so important, and became ingrained into me through my project based working career.

2021 was about writing and recording songs for us, inspired by Freak Kitchen.  That is songs that say something. Distorted Drop Tuned seven string guitar, bass and synths with vocals. One I even call Metal-Pop.  Other tracks go back over 10 years.

The end of 2022 was all about music animation. Did over 16 minutes as 5 episodes on YouTube. Put the music on Bandcamp as well. It was a very interesting experiment for me, even if it hasn't had many views. Part 2 did get around 100. Nothing by YouTube standards, but conversely, that means it isn't the Lowest Common Denominator that requires. 

Mid 2023 has seen us do the Spirograph Album with many Ambient Soundscapes, short rocking synth and sometimes guitar themes. Also with a few supporting videos of YouTube. That album started with inspiration from seeing a documentary on Hans Zimmer and his approach. Not that any of my stuff sounds like Zimmer, even if I use some of the same techniques.

The last few years have also been an interesting time for us to work out our approach to doing comics. The first one I did, Terraform, had panels drawn pen on paper, took many months to do on weekends, and has story issues.  The second last one, the Sci-Fi  In The Next Dimension is full color, mostly vector, but does have a few nib pen on paper backgrounds and shows my current way of having episodes of 8 or so pages, with a book made of multiple such episodes. I try and put humor in everything.

Our Music On Bandcamp  Synths and Heavy Guitar. Unless an Ambient Soundscape. Some real songs, with singing, too.

Our Videos on YouTube   Animations and illustration slide shows.

Our Comics on our Website  Comics to download as .cbr files. 

Car Cartoon Strips on our Website free to read Heavy Metal Garage

Our Illustrations on our Website  Samples of our commissioned works.

These links can also all be assessed from the front page of our website.

We can be found at ArtAndTechnology

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