Sunday, June 11, 2023

Lemans 24 Hours 2023


Steve Mcqueen Lemans 1970
Caricature of Steve Mcqueen Lemans 1970

Been following the Le Mans 24 hour race since about 1972.  For most of that it was just in AUTOSPORT reports on the race many months after the event. The 1970 and 1971 races with the Porsche 917Ks and 917LHs being the real catalysts for the passion.  

First time living in Japan in the 80s/90s saw Group C and Le Mans on TV with live broadcasts. Amazing.

I also caught live broadcasts on free to TV in Sydney in the 2000s when we moved back.  That has all changed now, and they are all Pay Per View. 

It was the 100th running this year, and 50 years since Ferrari ran in the top class, let alone win outright, so it was a special event this year.  Rain , crashes and intense competition. This year I caught the LIVE video highlights on the Official Twitter and the YouTube accounts.

The top Hypercars is the group that interests me where TOYOTA, FERRARI and PEUGEOT had new prototypes that all performed amazingly and each lead the race at some point.

The Peugeot 9x8 was the car that captured my imagination though, the most different. No rear wing! Takes real courage to do something different to try and get an advantage.

Steve Mcqueen Lemans 1070

These are all sports cars, but I find it strange that, ”covered wheels”, doesn't mean what it used to. They all have the top of the wheels exposed in the body work now. All technological marvels, with drivers with nerves of steal.

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