Wednesday, April 5, 2023

THE PENTATEUCH: Art + Synth Concept Album

THE PENTATEUCH is an Art + Synth Concept album I first read about in Keyboard April 1981 in a Jim Aikin Record review.

Art by Patrick Woodroffe with music by Dave Greenslade. Originally released as a limited edition 12" hardcover 48 page book with LP sleeves inside the front and back covers.

This is the record review. Note that Keyboard couldn't locate a copy for review themselves, and a fan lent them his copy.

It took me 30 years to get the rerelease as a CD, with the art reproduced as a CD sized booklet. Luckily for me, the art had been added to and reformatted as an Art Book.

This is good, except that some of the art covers 2 pages, with the seam down the middle. This is unfortunate with the type of binding and page size used. I do have the CD booklet version in the original proportions.

Better late than never. I do very much like the idea of combining Art and Music.

Some of my own attempts can be found here.

We can be found at ArtAndTechnology

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