Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Me, myself & I

Watched part of a Japanese documentary last night on recently passed musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and in one part he talked about the versions of himself.

I thought that is so true about myself. I feel I am like several different people. They all have a lot in common though, and generally on the introverted side.   

There is (was) the hyper focused design engineer. Then there is the cartoonist, the guy making his funny music, the dad to my kids, the sculpture, the painter, the model maker and others. And in the last few years, the semi retired old guy thinking about what he really wants to do or achieve in the ending years.

THE BREAK FAST CLUB, that have only recently seen, is wonderful and has the same thing as a theme, we are all multiple different people.   

To show some those different versions, a random collection of some things we have made and done:

None of me are interested in being an Internet Celebrity or Influencer though. 

We can be found at ArtAndTechnology

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