Wednesday, April 19, 2023

A Small Collection Of Music for YouTube Shorts

Put together 4 bits of music made and used in some recent YouTube shorts as a single 4:31 minute track.  Did this for myself as a record of where we were at in early 2023.  Not making songs or traditionally structured tracks.  

Used Ibanez RG Electric Guitar, Squire Jazz Bass with humbucking pickups,  Korg MS-20 mini and a few  VST synths in Reaper DAW.  Improvised things edited together. 

In a YouTube short I think the music gets little notice, unless dancing is involved.  The visuals are the main thing, and we put ours together in MOHO Pro 12, and don't do any dancing.

So why make shorts?  They are the only things I have made in the last 6 or so years to get more than 12 plays on any platform I have put them on.   

The view numbers are nothing to write home about, but at least someone gets to see them, that aren't just the 3 friends that play them anyway on Bandcamp.  

Bandcamp is great, but no one is going to find anything there without it being promoted, and all I have ever done is post a track to my twitter or Facebook page, and the way they are now, means no one will see such a post anyway.  I don't go searching on Bandcamp myself either, and only go there from some social media post.

Also made this YouTube video for the Industrial-Electro track 3 

At the time of writing this, it seems Facebook Group posts have the highest change of getting views or plays and the most interaction.  I am not a member of any music or animation groups that might be relevant and have never looked for any.  

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